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  Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Greetings to all who shall read me. My name is Thomas Forsyth, and this is my blog :) I am currently a Finance soldier in Fort Hood, Texas, and I will be deploying sometime next year, and I will be blogging about that in another blog of mine. This blog will be more about my daily life, or politics, or anything else on my mind. This blog will be my primary blog, and other posts will gain a link here. I also have a blog devoted to political pot-shots and googlebombing, named in (dis)-honor of Teddy "Chappaquadick" Kennedy, as well as posting to an excellent group blog named Culture for All.

Also, I am fond of bow ties and in defiance of the rules of sensibility and security, I will post a picture of myself in a bow tie :)

Enjoy :)


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