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  Sunday, July 04, 2010

Today is July 4, birthday of the nation. It is also the birthday of America's President, John Calvin "you lose" Calvin. Born 138 years ago, he would prove to be an exemplar of simple, New England values and limited government. He is sadly not given much spotlight in history, but proves to be a good role for government.

In fact, part of his praise/criticism is form his view of the role of Federal Government. He was more progressive on state issues, but not like today's progressive. He was even elected to Governor of Massachusetts on a platform that supported Woman's Suffrage. While he is known and vilified for firing the Boston PD, he has a very valuable point about Boston's security and the need for security.

He decreased the work week by six hours for women and children, cut expenditures, but didn't cut taxes (or raise them either), which actually makes him a more genuine fiscal conservative as he cut debt, which hasn't really been done federally for how long? Don't smirk failed too. Mr. Bush, you lose.

He did veto a bill permitting low grade alcohol, but Prohibition was law, and he was acting appropriately. He also vetoed a legislative pay raise.

As President, he was a supporter in separation of powers, but he did use the feds when appropriate as he granted American Indians full US citizenship and advocated stronger anti-lynching laws, though they were filibustered by Southern Senators.

He was a genuine fiscal conservative, and while one can criticize him for the Crash, how would they have handled it? He kept the Government small so FDR could expand it to experiment around with. Imagine the New Deal on the already bloated corpse of Bush's budget. Granted, the New Deal only did so much as did the Stimulus. Maybe it's time President Obama did a bit of Coolidge, but that isn't his philosophy. I can imagine if he slash agricultural subsidies to the bone, it would create one hell of a surplus and do loads of good for farmers in developing nations. Poor nations could grow wealthier, though their thuggish leaders would steal all that wealth.

Now, I submit a witty joke involving Silent Cal:

The term comes from an old joke, according to which U.S. President Calvin Coolidge and his wife allegedly visited a poultry farm. During the tour, Mrs. Coolidge inquired of the farmer how his farm managed to produce so many fertile eggs with such a small number of roosters. The farmer proudly explained that his roosters performed their duty dozens of times each day.

"Tell that to Mr. Coolidge," pointedly replied the First Lady.

The President, overhearing the remark, asked the farmer, "Does each rooster service the same hen each time?"

"No," replied the farmer, "there are many hens for each rooster."

"Tell that to Mrs. Coolidge," replied the President.

Now I take you to some articles by Silent Cal honoring our 30th President on his birthday.

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  Monday, June 28, 2010


I knew it would happen some day. Robert C. Byrd has died at 92. He eased poverty in West Virginia by redistributing billions of taxpayer dollars to his state.

I did receive a Robert C Byrd scholarship from 1996-2000 and I do not know how Louisiana received WV pork, but I did, and I thank him for that.

I will be respectful and avoid anything too mean for a while anyway, but I do not mourn a man who made it so long. He lived a good life, and is not related to me. Besides, a 92 year old Senator dying is not news, but inevitability


  Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I think everyone failed in this one.....

This is by far a very amusing and very sad story. Now, seventy years ago, the elusive Charles De Gaulle made his famous appeal of June 18 to resist German occupation.

Now, one group has a celebration, but they use sausage and wine in a predominately Muslim neighborhood, and the French Government bans it. Now, where do we begin with the failings.

First, the group arranging it is Bloc Identitare, a French nationalist group that undoubtedly is fond of DeGaulle. They are also a fascistic group that opposes diverse marriages and "Imperialsim", whether Islamic or American. Aside from it's hateful views, this group fails for using sausage, a meat highly associated with Germany. Why not just have beer with it, and some pretzels, ja? Americans don't celebrate July 4 with fish and chips or buggery, so you see the fail here.

Now, the French Government bans the event. I wouldn't be rude enough to have pork and alcohol in a Muslim area, plus I don't drink booze and am not that fond of pork either, but banning this event just draws attention, and shows a craven accomadationist tactic to placate a group you should be trying to integrate into your society instead of throwing politically correct bones.

Now the BI fails for its hatred and as for their crap about inter-marriage, you fail big time. There are two things I would encourage Frenchmen to do, get circumcised and court Algerian women. This is good for France's future, and instead of creating enclaves to isolate native Frenchies from newer Frenchies, we should encourage them to intermingle and assimilate.

And yes, America needs to work on this, too. Big time!! We're in danger of Balkanization if we keep to our destructive endogamous trends.

  Monday, June 21, 2010

I served in Iraq and I want to see Iraq succeed globally, but can we afford to do this, right now?

Well, maybe this is an investment and may help revive Baghdad U. The issue we may be in a double-dip recession and money is tight. Debt is piling pretty high for College loans. Thank you for working at Loyola, mother,and thank God I am an honorably discharged disabled vet who served in Iraq, but not all students have my good fortune. I'd rather we find a way to pay the costs privately and not use any federal money. I'll even chip in some money as I want to see a good University in Baghdad, even a regionally accredited one with reciprocation deals in the US and maybe one day on par with India's Universities. I would like some reciprocation.

First and foremost: Once Baghdad U is up and running, offer a few slots for Americans if their safety can be guaranteed. Better to get some white bread types and a few from minority groups who are not exposed to Arabic culture, so they can learn something new and not PC jibba jabba but the real thing.

These Americans can pay Iraqi rate tuition and would get quality education,plus each American can have a cultural ambassador and family to help them integrate and not pay American GI sucker prices.

Next, Baghdad has a Jewish Quarter, but no Jews. Iran has Jews used for propaganda purposes, but they are probably not in danger, except they may be restricted from speaking. Iraq will need to make Baghdad appealing to Jews as well, full citizens, and no pogroms. Let them succeed, then tax their achievements, plus they'll help Baghdad U be a success.

Final thought. ESL teachers. Give US and UK top billing. Hire certified ESL instructors in America to put their neck on the line teaching English grammar to Iraqi kids who want it or their parents want it. I am not advocating English over Arabic (Arabic words are definitely prettier), but in this world, knowing English is a good tool. I am being idealistic, but I first saw this article with dismay as another gimmie, but now I have some lemonade to sell :)

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Discussing the Contract part II

Now on to resumption of my Contract with America discussion. Today's item will be:

The Taking Back Our Streets Act

Let's see what Wikipedia has on that.

An anti-crime package including stronger truth-in-sentencing, "good faith" exclusionary rule exemptions (H.R.666 Exclusionary Rule Reform Act, passed US House Roll Call 289-142 2/8/95), death penalty provisions (H.R.729 Effective Death Penalty Act, passed US House Roll Call 297-132 2/8/95; similar provisions enacted under S. 735 [3], 4/24/96), funding prison construction (H.R.667 Violent Criminal Incarceration Act, passed US House Roll Call 265-156 2/10/95, rc#117) and additional law enforcement (H.R.728 Local Government Law Enforcement Block Grants Act, passed US House Roll Call 238-192 2/14/95).

Now let's look at these bills.

HR 666 "Good-faith" exclusionary rule exemption: On a personal level, I like it. Hell, I think most people like to include good evidence, but the fourth amendment is very important. Also, HR 666? I may no longer be a Christian, but making that an HR for anything serious is probably not a wise idea.

This is a bill I'd vote against, because it is too easily abused, and we don't have a living, constantly evolving Constitution that can evolve away certain safeguards.

Conversely, I do believe public defenders are obligated to give training to police on searching for evidence and doing everything within the rules, so they don't screw up and some lowlife is back on the street. The defender is a public servant and so is the cop. Show him how to succeed in his job, so we can save some money on appeals.

H.R.729 Effective Death Penalty Act

In theory, I favor capital punishment, but I think it should be a state issue and have misgivings about it being in the federal hands. Well, terrorism against a federal building or by an external enemy may make it justifiable, but only within those parameters. I do think the President should be involved in the execution and should be able to look that person in the eye. The guy on death row may be scum, but we are still talking about a human being, and no matter how justified it may be to execute a bad human, the state is still taking a life.

H.R.667 Violent Criminal Incarceration Act

If we can afford to do it, we may need to. These are violent criminals, and a more dangerous bunch. Now, we need to cut some costs and do lifers really need the topnotch medical care they get? Let's cut back on expensive treatments and if some bleeding heart objects, then go get your MD and treat the convicts pro-bono. There's no reason for a decrepit murderer to have expensive medical care.

We can also pack the old farts into tighter cells to make room.

H.R.728 Local Government Law Enforcement Block Grants Act

Let's see how this is distributed. Right now, we are in a recession, and laying off cops is a bad idea when crime goes up. Some places coughcoughDetroitcoughcough are beyond help and just need martial law since Robocop was just a movie. We can turn Detroit into an urban combat center and MPs can augment the overworked Detroit PD. New Orleans has had the most corrupt police force in the nation, so martial law was needed from Katrina and still needed. Other areas just need a little more cash to keep order, so why not. We can divert all that money we give Hamas. More cops, less terror.


  Sunday, June 20, 2010

Blogger fight!!

Maybe I'm a sad creature that has nothing better to do with my time, but Debbie Schlussel had a spat with Emily Zanotti years ago and just recently, Debbie linked to another blogger I was unfamiliar with. Now I have just heard of Emily and Cassy Fiano for the first time, and I have either been in my own little world, or there are others like me who have heard about these two bloggers for the first time, and no doubt all three will get a little audience surge. I am familiar with John Hawkins of Right-Wing News, so Debbie didn't accidentally make me aware of three bloggers. I even made a comment, but I Cassy's outfit was much more modest, than I first thought, because the blouse wasn't tucked in. Plus if Debbie wants a hooker pic of Cassy, find a pic of her in ankle-high boots.

Now, maybe this is all a charade for a cat fight or mud wrestle designed to raise funds for Republican Congressional candidates in the fall. Maybe I'll get visitors to my blog if Cassy and Debbie get into a blog war, or maybe I just need a life :)

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  Sunday, June 13, 2010

In South Carolina, a career politician was defeated by a neophyte. Now, I feel bad for Alvin Greene. Keith Olbermann gave him an interview and he performed poorly, then Keith-O mentions that Republicans can vote in the SC Democratic primary.

Democratic Majority Whip James Clyburne is calling for an investigation, and while I am curious about where he could afford the filing fee, I want to know why it costs that much money to file for the Senate. Ten grand to be a candidate is a load of pro-incumbent crap. It should cost no more than the administrative costs of being on a ballot.

Now, while I feel bad for Alvin taking the hit he did, I am also disappointed in him. He has a Bachelors in Political Science, and he should know a bit more about his positions. Now, if he is a plant, he is a good one. He won the Democratic primary, and if he won because his name was first, then shame on the Democratic voters for making that a decision. Maybe I should change my name to Albert Abignale and run for office.

I am actually reminded of another election, twelve years ago, where Patrick Leahy and his sanctimonious droning faced a joke of a challenge from Fred Tuttle.

It would be surprising if Greene beat DeMint, but Greene doesn't have a job and DeMint will have twelve years of federal pension money. At most, hopefully Greene will get a job after this affair is done. He's a veteran like me and a little younger than I am, so I hope his fortunes improve. As for the obscenity charge, you're on your own.


I am surprised, but not entirely. Bill Maher is to the left of me, which is normal for most people, but he takes up for Israel and brings up a point about people making themselves victims, because of America's Cult of the Underdog, which applies to most developed nations. It is easier to identify with the less fortunate side than asses the situation.

I will admit Bill Maher is an equal opportunity offender and no one gets a pass from him.

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  Friday, June 11, 2010

Now, Michael Totten, a reasonable and sensible blogger with diverse views, now weighs in on the blockade. Now, I think the blockade needs to be relaxed a bit, but I fully back the IDF's actions against the flotilla, and I regret the loss of Turkish life, but I'd have no problem if the victims were dippy hippy, affluent, white American spoiled brats who hate their privileged upbringing and don't wish to really solve the issues they champion.

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