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  Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Now, back in an ancient and forgotten time, the Republican Party stood for limited government, and not just when a Democrat was President. To win the House for the first time in forty years and to hold power for twelve consecutive years. The last time the Republicans accomplished this was from 1919 to 1931, also a period of twelve years, and both periods had two Speakers, with Gingrich in power from January 4, 1995 to January 3, 1999, followed by Dennis Hastert from January 6, 1999 to January 3, 2007. Previously, Frederick Huntington Gillett of Massachusetts (you heard that right) was Speaker of the House from May 19, 1919 to March 3, 1925, followed by Nicholas Longworth IV of Ohio from December 7, 1925 to March 4 of 1931, and he died the next month.

So a track record that was pretty good, and if not for Abramoff and Foley, the trend may have continued, except that Bush forgot what the term fiscal conservative meant and Pelosi knows to hide her truly creepy stare from the public until she decides to brainwash us into solidarity zombies, or something equally absurd I made up.

Now as part of a platform to achieve power, Newt Gingrich established his Contract with America. Now, you may love it or hate, but how much do you know about it? Due to ideological solidarity, your ideology probably determines your view, but how many people know the ten items and what they really like or really hate?

Why do I ask? Well, President Obama may want that authority. If you are for or against granting him that authority, replace Obama with Bush and see if you have the same answer. If you do, congratulations, you think for yourself.

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Now I figure we (assuming anyone reads me) can go over the Contract with America and discuss the items. Knowledge over passion, after all.

The Fiscal Responsibility Act

The Taking Back Our Streets Act

The Personal Responsibility Act

The American Dream Restoration Act

The National Security Restoration Act

The "Common Sense" Legal Reform Act

The Job Creation and Wage Enhancement Act

The Citizen Legislature Act

Family Reinforcement Act

Senior Citizens Fairness Act

The line-item veto was part of the
The Fiscal Responsibility Act and it passed, but was declared unconstitutional in Clinton v the City of New York. A pity about that,but I welcome President Obama to work to regain that authority, as long as he does it constitutionally..well I'll leave that to the judges. I somehow doubt Ol' Kleagle Byrd will be too receptive, as this will affect his ability to change the name of West Virginia to the State of Robert C Byrd, but that is expected.

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