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  Sunday, January 07, 2007

And Good Riddance!!

Sadly, this may be just part of a larger problem among a certain faction of the Catholic Church which I used to belong, but as recently revealed, Stanilsaus Wielgus, ArchBishop of Warsaw, but truly not deserving of the title of Most Reverend or having his ring kissed, is a Communist collaborator, and he is being let off the hook too damn easily. This "man" is a traitor, and it is fortunate that Poland is an EU nation and the Catholic Church is soft on crime (to be expected of a religion that worships a convicted felon), because this is a grand insult to the memory of a truly great man we know, remember, and loves as John Paul II.

Now, my religious beliefs were on shaky ground since 2002, but I still remained a practicing Catholic, out of loyalty to John Paul II. After he died, I just haven't gone to Mass, and I begin to see how rotten and hollow the foundation of my beliefs were, which has led me into a state of emptiness (that I have recently overcome, but that is a tale for another day, yet soon).

Unlike the bravery of John Paul II, Wielgus was either a Marxist sympathizer and as loathsome as the Liberation theologists, but they were merely useful idiots. He was more of a coward who willingly collaborated with Communist secret police. Benedict XVI should have done a better job checking facts. Either Wielgus was a liberation Theologist and should set be burned at the stake or he was a collaborator working with Communists for secular gain, meaning he deserves to be left in a cell and completely abandoned, not even being fed.

Since I have renounced Christianity, especially Catholicism, this incident shouldn't be too relevant to me, except that I am very strongly anti-Communist and the fact that a Polish priest was in bed with Communists and elevated to ArchBishop is an insult to a mensch among mentchen like John Paul II, and everything he did for his native Poland, for all who suffered under Communism, as well as the good he did for humanity.

I await to see what the Vatican will do with him, though after how they elevated Bernard Law after his role and arrogance in the Boston sexual abuse scandals, I fear that Wielgus may just be shuffled around the Vatican instead of being properly punished for his crimes against Poland as well as all people who suffered under Communism.


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