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  Monday, February 19, 2007

New book review....

Well, I should be talking about my trip up to Austin, but more on that later. I have just finished another book, and I thought I should make another review. This one is on Mary Cheney, who could make for a good Congressional candidate in Wyoming.

Now It's My Turn: A Daughter's Chronicle of Political Life, by Mary Cheney.

This book was not the greatest book I ever read, but I didn't find it that bad either. Mary Cheney discusses her dad's House career made possible by the 1976 victory of History's Greatest Monster, and how it eventually led to him being Bush's second choice for Secretary of Defense. Personally, I am not in favor of a Secretary of Defense having no military experience, and I think the requirement that a Defense Secretary be out of the military for so many years asinine. I even favor active duty soldiers being elected to office (including President) as long as they keep their military salaries and forgo the elective one, but that is not what the book is about.

The book is primarily about Mary Cheney's role as her father's Campaign Manager in both elections, as well as her position on same-sex marriage. Now, I won't give her any flak for not being more criticial of the bush administration's policies at the time. Family comes first, and she looks to the future with hope, instead of acting like a militant, or some other alienating posture that will do no long-term good.

In fact, when the flushable johns (Kerry and Edwards) commented about Mary Cheney's sexual orientation, I was curious to know how Mary felt. John Edwards is a millionaire ambulance chaser who preaches populism, but lives in a mansion. Mary pegged him pretty accurately as a slimy demagogue, and I liked how she mentioned Gephardt as a better choice for VP, but went after Kerry for taking the easy choice.

The book is not objective and Mary has a very positive view of her father, and I frankly have no doubt Dick is a great father, regardless of how I feel about him as VP. I wasn't overjoyed at being reminded that James Baker was a friend of her family, but that is how politics goes. Aside from such awful friends, I'd like to see Mary look into politics herself in Wyoming. The West still has a rugged individualist streak that doesn't care about sexual orientation too much, but more about property rights, guns, and government intrusion. I don't know where she falls on all issues, but she could be very helpful to the Goldwater wing of the Republican party and to help combat the Evangelicals, but somehow I doubt she has any interests in office, herself.

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