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  Sunday, February 04, 2007

Book review time!!

I should have done this a while back, but the most lovely and talented Irina had the great idea first, and so I will do my first review of my January books.

Today's review is for 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America (And Al Franken Is #37).

Now, the first thing is to consider Bernard Goldberg's point of view. He is not a conservative, but a disaffected old-school liberal. He is not a fan of going back to the fifties or some similar time of phony ideals, but he would like to reign in excesses. By and large his cirtiques are towards the left, but more than a few right-wing icons get theirs, like David Duke, Jimmy Swaggart, and Roy Moore.

Politics is contained in the commentary, but only as a coincidence since he is more concerned about social commentary and the effect on America's attitude. Whether you like or dislike Bush, the average Joe will not give him much mind, and only because he is President, so a good target for credit or blame. However, the President as well as certain political leaders will not impact our attitude, except indirectly. Dennis Hastert, Nancy Pelosi, Tom Dacshle, Bill Frist, and Harry Reid aren't worthy of mention, because no one cares too much about what they do, except when they want to blame a politician.

On the other hand, celebrities matter, because people look up to them for whatever reason. I find it silly, as celebrities are merely a bunch of roles and are there to entertain. But like the athlete who makes an ass of himself, people pay attention and emulate them. For instance I find Eminem to be a common thug and his rap abilities mean little, as there have been countless poets who were wastrels and rogues not worthy of any emulation. I also fully agree that Courtney Love is a ho, but I wish he had an explanation as his cheap shot only hurt him.

Now, the politicians and ideologues who get hit are more on the left, but Goldberg feels they have done more damage, and I'd agree as they have more impact, and are fawned at by clueless students and celebrities. Robert C Byrd is a former Klan Recruiter and a pork barrel legislator, and just as much a poster boy for term limits as Strom Thurmond, Ted Stevens, and Ted Kennedy. Now, I might see Ted Stevens as deserving of a place for his pork legislation, but he is ridiculed for his foolish comments and a blip to most people.

I also agree about Jimmy Carter, History's Greatest Monster. I don't fault as much for when he was President, but afterwards he is a self-righteous anti-Semitic jackass who hides his sins in a series of humanitarian events, and I would encourage Americans to keep their flags at full mast when he dies as he is only a friend to leftist third world dictators and anyone who hates Israel. I will not contribute to Habitat for Humanity as steals air, and I hope the Carter Center closes for lack of funds.

I think the Franken scene was pure parody or I hope it was. I don't know if I'd include him, except he combines comedy with preachiness and I believe you should be one or the other. Otherwise you are a hypocrite who speaks out of both sides of your mouth. I wish he'd stick with comedy and only do occasional political potshots like Robin Williams.

His top choice is Fat Bastard himself, Michael Moore. Would I make him number one? Yes, because he is not a pedantic Ivory Tower cult leader like Noam Chomsky, but someone who can appeal to the masses, and can be far more damaging as people get sucked into his fictitious world.

Now, who would I include? I'd add Ann Coulter because she damages conservatism by her facade of viciousness and contributes very little to conservatism, nor can she be taken seriously. I actually liked her in the 90s, but she has gone for fringe appeal. Another one I'd include is Cundy Sheehan, but it is personal as my mother and my step-mother are anti-war and if I thought they would use my dead body to launch their support of anti-semitism or Marxism, I'd make letters condemning them posthumously and denouncing their actions as betraying my beliefs. Regardless of Bush or the war, I do loathe much of the anti-war movement as well as scum like Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro. Cindy Sheehan is a sympathy whore who has betrayed her son and used him to advance third worldism. Once she dies, I will personally dance on her grave.

I'd also add Least Reverend Thomas Gumbleton, a thankfully retired Bishop who attempted to pressure all Catholic soldiers to not serve in Iraq. I think learning about his plan and that he wasn't automatically defrocked or turned over to the military for a treason tribunal helped me start questioning an re-examining my beliefs, so I should thank him, but he's a threat to security for his stunt. Cardinal Law also deserves much condemnation as an archetype of so many inept leaders who cover up pedophilia and bring down huge long-term consequences. I am no longer Catholic, but if not for people like Cardinal Law, the poor would have benefited from all the funds that instead went to the families of abused altar boys and the greedy lawyers who represented them. Both Gumbleton and Law had a hand in ending my faith, and would both be added to my list.

Overall it was a good read, but nothing of great literary merit, otherwise it would have no impact on the masses, as the average joe reads on a third grade reading level, but that made the book an even easier read for me, so no issue there :)

I recommend you read it and form your own conclusions. 9 out of ten, because he should offer a better answer for Corutney Love, but yes she is a ho.

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Blogger Laura said...

Hey, you didn't link to my review! :)

2/07/2007 09:55:00 PM  
Blogger Irina Tsukerman said...

LOL! Great review.

Well, first - I love the new illustrations for your blog! : ) Cute!

Secondly, I'm not sure I agree with you on Jimmy Carter. Don't get me wrong; I find him detestable. What I mean is that I think he did so much to damage our foreign policy and position as a president that whatever he did afterwards pales in comparison. Right now, he's a nobody; a former President. He appeals to the fringe... a growing fringe, unfortunately... But I don't think they are "learning" anything new from him. I think they are just using Carter's name to support their own already fully formed views.

As for dancing on Sheehan's grave... she's not worth it. Now take some one like UBL or the late Saddam Hussein...

2/08/2007 07:12:00 PM  
Blogger Thomas Forsyth said...

I am glad you like my design, though the credit goes to Bagel Blogger, as I am not too great at a lot of computer stuff. I fear I could be deubbed an anti-programmer, because of my lack of knowledge and ability.

I see your point on Carter, but I find his ex-President status makes him more belivebale to some who do not know better, plus hsi humanitarian facade gives him more credibility, though his foreign policy failings were quite disastrous and led to much of our modern problems.

As for Cindy, I agree that she is minor, but as a soldier with a mother, I have a personal grievance with her, and I would want something truly horrible and brutal to occur to my own mother if she ever tried to do what Sheehan has done, plus I will leave posthumous letters condemning anyone's attempts to wave my bloody shirt should I perish on my deployment.

I'd also include Yasser Arafat's grave as one for dancing over.

2/10/2007 07:12:00 PM  

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