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  Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hear! Hear!

Now for those that know my unique right-leaning, but not solidarity-driven, political views may also know that Calvin Coolidge is my favorite 20th century President. While many my age would say Reagan or Teddy Roosevelt and some more liberal than me would say JFK or FDR, I stick with Calvin Coolidge, a man with a dry New England wit who also favored limited government, and he was the last Republican President to win NYC, though he didn't get a full majority in Manhattan thanks to that wacky cheese head LaFollette.

Now, I recently discovered a Calvin Coolidge blog, Kai's Coolidge Blog.

The most recent blog post has an article from Pajamas Media that suggests Barrack Obama could be more like Calvin Coolidge. His re-inauguration oath is something Calvin Coolidge did, but President Obama's charisma and our own warped national mindset have him engaging in more populist activities, but the Silent Cal approach would be a nice change as the President would be there, but less of a celebrity, appearing only when needed. I don't see President Obama doing that, but it may help his imagine in the long run, but sadly it's not in our generation to be like these wise men of times past.

I also discovered another Calvin Coolidge blog, Silent Cal. Enjoy!!

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