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  Sunday, June 06, 2010

It has now been almost a week, since the IDF intercepted a flotilla of ships planning to ram the embargo on Gaza. While I am a definite Zionist, I do not believe in solidarity and will not blindly side with Israel, but I did wish to get all the facts in. So far, Israel's only sin is sending in their Commandos on the ship when it was still in International waters. I don't think this was a good move. I do believe that once the activists attacked the Commandos, they became enemy combatants and the use of deadly force was justified after that.

Now, the activists were a nasty bunch out to challenge the Gaza Embargo. They could have sent the aid through normal channels but wanted to be defiant. Blogger Reut Cohen has very useful commentary about the international double standard applied to Israel and challenges Hamas claims.

Here is a twist. Hamas refuses the flotilla aid and let's see what the main ship contained.

Not very peaceful stuff. Now, this is an IDF website so you may oppose it's objectivity. Fine. Respond with proper challenges then. I am willing to learn new information.

Now, conversely, I should comment about the blockade. Meghan McArdle presents a list of allowed and prohibited items. I don't get the logic in it. Chemical fertilizer and pesticides are permitted...that is one I'd be concerned about after the Oklahoma City bombing, but I don't get the reason for the other bans. Maybe I am missing why they are a threat.

Overall, I'd rule 85-15 in Israel's favor. The Embargo is too restrictive and the raid was poorly done, but I understand why.

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