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  Sunday, April 26, 2009

Stay off the roads.....

I'll be driving in NYC, well Flushing anyway. I took my first driving lesson this morning which went well, though I have much to learn, but I feel I did well. I need to work on my turns, but I made a three-point u-turn and I drove through the beautiful neighborhood of Kew Garden Hills which had plenty of turns, stop signs, lights to train with. I never drove in NYC before, and unlike Al Pacino I won't drive a Ferrari in downtown Manhattan with my eyes closed, but I will take a driving lesson tomorrow afternoon from a different and cheaper company and see how they compare.

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  Thursday, April 23, 2009

Guys, Dolls, and long-awaited follow up

Tuesday was a great day. I saw Guys and Dolls, and the musical was great. Of course, I love the outfits and the music without question. The acting was great and I got a few signatures. I am also a fan of Gilmore Girls so it was great to see Lauren Graham in person. Eventually being in New York City long enough will erode the novelty of seeing celebrities, like when I met Jackie Mason a few weeks ago. Also, actor Bradley Cooper (Will Trippin of Alias) was in the audience.

Now, on the other event, I interviewed with the NYC Teaching Fellows a month ago, and I was not admitted. I am glad they told me at least. Now on to look for other things to do.

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  Tuesday, April 14, 2009

License to Drive

Guess what I got in the mail. I now have my own driver's license. Scary world ain't it :) I will sign up for some classes as I've been out of practice for a bit.

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  Monday, April 13, 2009

The End of an Era.

Well, not really but as of today, I am now longer on Active Duty. Aside from an eight month hiatus, I have been in the Army for eight years. Today, I am now part of the New York National Guard.

This means I no longer draw a paycheck from Uncle Sam, but I receive a few hundred to play soldier once a month and my Commander-in-Chief is David Patterson. I also must defend NY state from all enemies foreign and domestic.

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