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  Sunday, June 20, 2010

Blogger fight!!

Maybe I'm a sad creature that has nothing better to do with my time, but Debbie Schlussel had a spat with Emily Zanotti years ago and just recently, Debbie linked to another blogger I was unfamiliar with. Now I have just heard of Emily and Cassy Fiano for the first time, and I have either been in my own little world, or there are others like me who have heard about these two bloggers for the first time, and no doubt all three will get a little audience surge. I am familiar with John Hawkins of Right-Wing News, so Debbie didn't accidentally make me aware of three bloggers. I even made a comment, but I Cassy's outfit was much more modest, than I first thought, because the blouse wasn't tucked in. Plus if Debbie wants a hooker pic of Cassy, find a pic of her in ankle-high boots.

Now, maybe this is all a charade for a cat fight or mud wrestle designed to raise funds for Republican Congressional candidates in the fall. Maybe I'll get visitors to my blog if Cassy and Debbie get into a blog war, or maybe I just need a life :)

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