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  Monday, June 21, 2010

I served in Iraq and I want to see Iraq succeed globally, but can we afford to do this, right now?

Well, maybe this is an investment and may help revive Baghdad U. The issue we may be in a double-dip recession and money is tight. Debt is piling pretty high for College loans. Thank you for working at Loyola, mother,and thank God I am an honorably discharged disabled vet who served in Iraq, but not all students have my good fortune. I'd rather we find a way to pay the costs privately and not use any federal money. I'll even chip in some money as I want to see a good University in Baghdad, even a regionally accredited one with reciprocation deals in the US and maybe one day on par with India's Universities. I would like some reciprocation.

First and foremost: Once Baghdad U is up and running, offer a few slots for Americans if their safety can be guaranteed. Better to get some white bread types and a few from minority groups who are not exposed to Arabic culture, so they can learn something new and not PC jibba jabba but the real thing.

These Americans can pay Iraqi rate tuition and would get quality education,plus each American can have a cultural ambassador and family to help them integrate and not pay American GI sucker prices.

Next, Baghdad has a Jewish Quarter, but no Jews. Iran has Jews used for propaganda purposes, but they are probably not in danger, except they may be restricted from speaking. Iraq will need to make Baghdad appealing to Jews as well, full citizens, and no pogroms. Let them succeed, then tax their achievements, plus they'll help Baghdad U be a success.

Final thought. ESL teachers. Give US and UK top billing. Hire certified ESL instructors in America to put their neck on the line teaching English grammar to Iraqi kids who want it or their parents want it. I am not advocating English over Arabic (Arabic words are definitely prettier), but in this world, knowing English is a good tool. I am being idealistic, but I first saw this article with dismay as another gimmie, but now I have some lemonade to sell :)

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