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  Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I think everyone failed in this one.....

This is by far a very amusing and very sad story. Now, seventy years ago, the elusive Charles De Gaulle made his famous appeal of June 18 to resist German occupation.

Now, one group has a celebration, but they use sausage and wine in a predominately Muslim neighborhood, and the French Government bans it. Now, where do we begin with the failings.

First, the group arranging it is Bloc Identitare, a French nationalist group that undoubtedly is fond of DeGaulle. They are also a fascistic group that opposes diverse marriages and "Imperialsim", whether Islamic or American. Aside from it's hateful views, this group fails for using sausage, a meat highly associated with Germany. Why not just have beer with it, and some pretzels, ja? Americans don't celebrate July 4 with fish and chips or buggery, so you see the fail here.

Now, the French Government bans the event. I wouldn't be rude enough to have pork and alcohol in a Muslim area, plus I don't drink booze and am not that fond of pork either, but banning this event just draws attention, and shows a craven accomadationist tactic to placate a group you should be trying to integrate into your society instead of throwing politically correct bones.

Now the BI fails for its hatred and as for their crap about inter-marriage, you fail big time. There are two things I would encourage Frenchmen to do, get circumcised and court Algerian women. This is good for France's future, and instead of creating enclaves to isolate native Frenchies from newer Frenchies, we should encourage them to intermingle and assimilate.

And yes, America needs to work on this, too. Big time!! We're in danger of Balkanization if we keep to our destructive endogamous trends.


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