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  Monday, February 19, 2007

My Trip to Austin

Just in case any of my readers don't know, I have decided a few weeks ago to convert to Judaism, as can also be implied by many books I've been reading. I actually scheduled a meeting with a Rabbi at Congregation Agudas Achim, a Conservative Synagogue in Northwest Austin.

The good news: I learned of two helpful books and it was a nice experience, plus Rabbi Liberman was very helpful.

The bad news: Conversion classes were closed. Also, the classes open in the autumn, when I'll be deploying. When my deployment ends, I'll be ready to get out and strike out on my next step in life.

Now, the other unfortunate factor for me is that the course is done like a traditional class and not online. This is a setback for me, but nothing too great. I fully understand her reasons, plus I know that she would want her students to also experience Jewish culture first hand and not just from books or online.

I do regard myself as a Jew in Training, though conversion plans will wait a while longer, but no great ordeal as I'll be heading to New York City after my Army tour ends, and there should be no shortage of synagogues in the Big Apple. In the meantime I will continue learning and seeking Jewish resources.

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