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  Sunday, April 08, 2007

Book Review Time

First of all, I want to let Bagel Blogger know that the series I am reading is the same one and the picture of Mao, Hitler, and Stalin together is a chilling triumvirate of 20th century evil.

To Sara, feel free to email me at if you want me to pay you a visit when I'm up in NYC from Apr 17-May 3. If not, no biggie.

Now, for the review:

Colonization: Aftershocks is the conclusion of the Colonization trilogy and the second to last book of this time line. This book also reveals a huge secret. Who slaughtered the lizard ships?

Now, Shiplord Straha defected back in WWII and has been living in exile in Los Angel es. Sam Yeager has recently discovered the truth about the attack on the colonization fleet and gave Straha copies as a precaution only to be opened if Sam disappears. Sam's son is aboard a lizard ship giving lizard-raised human Kassquit adult education lessons and thoroughly enjoying them. Jonathan's girlfriend Karen will not be happy.

The Lizards have wiped the floor with Nazi Germany and forced them to grant France independence, and Lt Colonel Drucker was promoted, but also captured by the lizard ship that Jonathan and Kassquit are aboard.

Now, from back in the WorldWar series, Col Drucker was one of the men working for Col Jaeger and he in fact helped Mordecai Anielwicz in releasing him. Now, Mordecai and Drucker team up again as they search for their families after the war's end. Luckily for them, the new Fuhrer is Drucker's old Commander, and he helps both Drucker and Mordecai find their families, which they do. Also, Col Drucker is promoted again to Major General and in charge of helping to rebuild Germany.

Sam Yaeger is captured for being nosy, but his abduction prompts Straha to head off to the Lizard Consulate in Los Angeles and give Atvar the much needed information. The nation responsible for the mass murder is in fact the United States, and Earl Warren's response is that it seemed like a good idea at the time. In retaliation the lizards nuke Indianapolis and Earl Warren commits suicide.

In France, Monique is free of the SS goon, but he brother is captured by the lizards, but Monique plea bargains by acting as a historian to help the lizards, though she needs her brother to act as translator.

After Sam is released and Jonathan and his girlfriend make up and get married, Straha's driver attempts to kidnap Sam, only to be surprised by Sam speeding and colliding with a pick up truck knocking the driver unconscious, all on the way to his son's wedding.

Straha returns to live with the lizards and decides to write a book about his adventures to support himself, along with being a nuisance to Fleetlord Atvar.

Another thread involves Rance and Penny who are now in Marseilles, as well as Basil and David, along with David's cousins in Jerusalem and Jane Archibald, who was Reuven Russie's shiksa goddess girlfriend. Rance and Penny use their connections to get Basil killed so he can no longer harass David. David uses his own hand at evil by inventing furbies, while Jane moves up to Edmonton and treats David's injuries as well as marrying David's boss. Reuven menawhiel works with his dad and begins courting an attractive widow who's son is one of his patients.

This is a rough summary of what went on in Aftershocks, but only a small amount as I encourage everyone to read the series. In some ways it seems too completed, though luckily there is one more book Homeward Bound, and I will be checking that out of the library asap...well tomorrow. Once again I enjoy how the characters are interconnected and the small world effect Turtledove uses, even if it can be predictable at times.

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