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  Sunday, March 18, 2007

Last two books.

Now, I am giving another twofer, because the two books are about conversion:

Your People, My People: Finding Acceptance and Fulfillment As a Jew by Choice

Conversion to Judaism: A Guidebook

Now, I for one love stories about conversion. Conversion is more about how to convert and reasons for conversion, as well as reactions to converts, be it family, friends, and other Jews.

There aren't as many stories as guidlines and prayers, but it is very helpful in learning about conversion and about Judaism in brief.

Your People, My People is more about conversion stories, through different categories, like the reaction of the non-Jewish parents as well as the Jewish parents as their in-law joins the tribe.

The one thing that wasn't as useful to me was that I am single, and while there are some Jewish women I am attracted to, and will eventually get the coruage to ask out, I am not converting to court Jewish women. Luckily Your People contained a chapter for singles. In fact, one interesting tidbit was about a guy who converted at the behest of his Jewish girlfriend, a five week Conservative conversion.....part of me is curious about that, though I feel that would be cheating :)

After the breakup he puts his new faith on a shelf but thankfully a Jewish friend gets him to a single havurah at a Synagouge. Knowing of such a group is very helpful to me. The singles tales speak more to me, because I am single and have no idea when I will go on a date again, let alone get married. The other stories were great to read, but I saw them more as stories, and I was rather amused by the guy who converts to marry his Reform wife, but he goes Lubavitch, and that ends the marriage.

I give both books positive reviews and recommend them for reading. Also Your People, My People informed me about a network for Jewish converst that may be a useful resource for me in the future.

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