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  Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Forty years!!!

has a strong meaning in Torah.

And today is Yom Yerushalayim (יום ירושלים), the 40th anniversary of the day that the IDF won the Old City and Jews had the right to worship at the Temple Mount, plus the Six-Day War is like many wars where rogue nations try to wipe out Israel only to expand her borders. Now, they just use UN condemnations.

In other news, Irina has a great summer job and will hopefully start a nice network from contacts.

Now for a review:

My thoughts on Leviticus.

Well, to be honest, Leviticus is not an exciting read. This is also my first time reading it, so it was interesting to learn all about what can be one of the most controverssial books of the Torah, as the laws may seem draconian by today's standards (we are talking about a late Bronze Age culture, so modernists can cut them some slack here). Also, it was sad reading about Aaron losing his two sons, plus Hashem cutting down his shivah time, but no one said being Kohen Gadol was easy.

I do admit that while I read the commenatry, I would like to read my portion with a group and have soem dsicussions and debates for the future, but I am in many ways impressed to have read it and hope that I get something out of each annual reading. Next time I rad Leviticus I will be deployed. That should definitely add something to my perspective.

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