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  Saturday, June 16, 2007

Time for Book Review!!!

Now, I have been slacking on my reviews, but today's book is Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and the shortest summary I can give is: wow!

This is a truly remarkable woman. She was born in Somalia to a basically feudal culture, but one that made an attempt at modernization and failed. She describes her ordeals and traveling through various nations and the Islamic indoctrination she received, as well as her ability to overcome it and to flee to the Netherlands to escape an arranged marriage.

Once in the Netherlands as a refugee, she has the strength to avoid the trap of the welfare state and get a job, as well as go to College and even get elected to Parliament. Unfortunately, she has some mishaps along the way, as she loses a friend and her citizenship, but she does not yield to the pressure as she moves to the United States and joins a think tank.

Her tale is still told as she speaks and will not be silenced. And since she speaks at risk to herself, I heavily encourage you to listen. I feel that I put on a uniform and risk my life for defenders of liberty like Ayaan Hirsi Ali. She understands being an American far more than Michael Moore, Noam Chomksy, or Jimmy Carter ever could.

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