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  Thursday, June 28, 2007

Time for a Two-fer book review

Today I review two books: Choosing a Jewish Life: A Handbook for People Converting to Judaism and for Their Family and Friends (Paperback) and Born to Kvetch: Yiddish Language and Culture in All of Its Moods (P.S.) (Paperback)

Now, these books are very different. Antia Diamant talks about how one converts to Judaism as the wife of a Jew by choice, she has a certain insight. Michael Wex offers a fun book about Yiddish, a fun language that has loads of insults :)

Both aspects are important in being religious. To choose a faith, you need to make a plan and know the rules, but you also have to have fun and joke with Hashem (joking with Elokim may prove risky). Yiddish is also a language of Ashkenazic Jews, like my wonderful Sara (or Suri as her name is pronounced in Yiddish).

Both books have very different goals, but both are informative and worth the read.

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Blogger fashionista cat in a zero gravity shoe-store said...

Well, as I'd commented before, Wex' book certainly is amusing, but in terms of linguistics, it lacks a few aspects that I would consider important enough to at least mention, e.g. the development of West Yiddish. Yiddish does not so much have insults than it has ways of expressing yourself that will make somebody aware of the nuances of Yiddish feel insulted. The Yiddish spoken in Brooklyn, BP even more than Willi, is widely anglicized; this gets particularly apparent when talking to a traditionally native of the Antwerp or the London community and also the one or the other member of upstate communities (men mostly), that tend to speak a highly sophisticated Yiddish.

7/02/2007 09:51:00 AM  
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